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Fraggle Rock: The RPG

It's strange the conversations you have on  This was the result of one recent one.

(Obviously, the Fraggly ones aren't mine. No infringement intended, yada yada.)

Pick a Silly Creature
When you're playing Fraggle Rock, most people get to be Fraggles.  As everyone knows, Fraggles are the best.  Unfortunately, someone has to play all the other things in the world.  That's just the way it is.  That poor individual is the "Silly Creature".

Defining Your Fragglishness
Write down a very brief description of your Fraggle's basic personality or archetype.  This should be just a couple of words ("idealistic dreamer", "hyperactive and competitive", "the smallest Fraggle", "a devoted friend"). This is your Fragglishness.

Using Your Fragglishness
Whenever you want to do something (see Playing and Singing below), and you can convince the Silly Creature that your Fragglishness would help you do it, you get to roll an extra six-sided die (this is called "the Fraggle die").

Silly Creature: "Junior Gorg tries to grab you! It's going to be Hard to dodge!"
Splork the Fraggle: "Ah, but I'm 'the smallest fraggle', so I can wriggle between his big, bulky fingers and escape!"
Silly Creature: "Sure, add a Fraggle die to your roll."

It's Nice to Have Friends
If you're trying to do something, and the Silly Creature thinks that it is a situation where your friends can help you, then - if they have a useful Fragglishness - you can get Fraggle dice for each of them, too.  Provided they are willing to help you, of course.  It's Nice to Have Friends!

Even if your friends don't have an appropriate Fragglishness for a task, if they all agree to help you, then you get one bonus Fraggle die for that.  It really is Nice to Have Friends!

Playing and Singing
Whenever a Fraggle wants to do something (or avoid having something happen to them), the Silly Creature decides how hard it will be.

The Fraggle then rolls a number of six-sided diceo, based on how hard the Silly Person decided the task was. Don't forget to roll any bonus dice, such as from Fragglishness, or Friends, as well!

Easy - four dice
Medium - three dice
Hard - two dice
Impossible! - one die

If two or more of the dice come up with the same number, the Fraggle succeeds.  Yay!

Fraggle Adventures
Fraggles are always having adventures.  Whether it be exploring new caves, collecting radishes from the Gorg's garden, visiting the All-Knowing Trash Heap, or even (gulp!) going into Outer Space!  It's the Silly Creature's job to come up with the exciting things that happen on your adventure, but don't forget that it is your job as Fraggles to think of adventurous stuff to do!  Nobody likes a boring Fraggle, after all.

Learning Lessons
The adventures that a Fraggle gets up to teaches them lots of things.  Sometimes these lessons are simple ("Gorgs are mean"),a nd sometimes they aren't ("never assume your own values apply to other people").  When the Silly Creature decides that an adventure is over, they will ask you to write down a lesson that your Fraggle learned.  In future adventures, you can use these lessons to help you do things.  If you come up against a situation where this lesson could help you, you can ask the Silly Creature if it will let you roll an extra die, just like your Fragglishness (you might even get a die for your Fragglishness at the same time!). However, unlike your Fragglishness, which you can use as much as the Silly Creature will let you, you can only use each lesson you have learned once per adventure.

Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.
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